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We love to operate at the intersection of creativity, design, technology, and brand experience. While it may be difficult to categorize us with a single label, we have a passion for innovation and believe that our best work is done at the crossroads of surprise, curiosity, and shared values.

Our passion is to create and design unique experiences and authentic brand platforms, such as films, events, escaperooms, 360° virtual spaces and Metaverses.

Our media concepts are easy to understand and impossible to ignore. It is all about the ability to connect story, emotion, and expression.

True innovation and positive customer experiences are at the heart of successful communication. In this era of rapid change, we help brands and organizations to grow and take advantage of digital transformation.

the secret to success

is to find out

where people are going

and get there first!

Mark Twain

A.I. Empowered Work

— Visuals / Portrets

Mine worker

Campaign for a “mine worker” themed coffee cafe

Red girl

Portret of a young girl of unreal beauty

Fat Fluffy Fluffy

A.k.a. Da Real Easterbunny for online campaign

A.I. Empowered Work

— Visuals / Artwork

Mother’s Day /1

Visuals for online campaign flower company

Mother’s Day / 2

Visuals for online campaign flower company

Mother’s Day / 3

Visuals for online campaign flower company

A.I. Empowered Work

— Visuals / Diverse

Chocolate & Flowers

Ad for Insta

When the evening falls...


High level party girl

Visual/poster for a penthouse party

Film & Video

— Director / Editor / Scriptwriter

National Aerospace Laboratory

Series of corporate video’s

Crane of Thrones

Viral for Dutch water company Vitens

Masterpieces by Sam / FMGroup

Inspirational series about flower design and art

Film & Video

— Director / Editor / Scriptwriter

Mine worker

AI fictional portraits for “Mine -themed” coffee cafe

Pancake Day

Short mood clip to promote National Pancake Day

ICIS / Reed Business

HR Video recorded in 7 countries

Future Garden Metaverse

Promo animation for metaverse project

Film & Video

— Director / Editor / Scriptwriter

CT Vrede corporate video

Corporate video about sustainable water transport

Pesco Tequila

3 commercials for Gin,Tequila and Vodka

Sanoma Learning

Opening video for conference


Concepts & Imagineering

Northern Light Experience

A muiti sensory show with hidden projection screens and surround sound that sold out even before opening night!


Concepts & Imagineering

Virtual Reality Ride “Future Garden”

A VR Ride on a specially constructed flying carpet to show visitors of a trade show the new Metaverse world “Future Garden” we created for FMGroup!


Concepts & Imagineering

Porsche Brand Experience

Portable escaperoom in a container that transformed visitors into true ambessadors of the Porsche autoports brand


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